The Society of Ornamental Turners

Online Demonstrations and Presentations

The SOT continue to hold monthly online demonstrations and presentations to complement the meetings held at Uxbridge. They are friendly and interactive and cover a wide range of of ornamental turning topics, including rose engine turning. Other topics of interest are also sometimes included, e.g. the first online presentation was on the topic of automata.

The demonstrations and presentations are listed on the meetings webpage.

The online demonstrations and presentations are open to all members of the SOT. Details of how to attend are sent via email and are also available on the members only website.

For those members unable to attend, the demonstrations and presentations are recorded and available for viewing on the members only website.

For Sale

The SOT arranges the sale of OT equipment by auction or advertisement to members only.

OT in Action

This video gives a brief introduction to rose engine turning and to other OT techniques.

SOT Bulletin

The SOT publish the Bulletin, a high quality publication, twice a year, which is sent to all members. A sample copy is now available.

Engine Turning

The SOT republished the major work on Engine Turning by the late Martin Matthews. More information on the book can be found here.


The SOT organise seminars to pass on knowledge on the craft of ornamental turning. Nick Edwards, a past President of the society, wrote an article describing the setups which were used at a seminar which he hosted. The article was originally published in the society Bulletin (one of the membership benefits), but an edited version can be found here.

Aspects of OT

This video gives a brief introduction to the varied interests of SOT members.


The SOT attend various exhibitions and events throughout the UK where ornamental turning is demonstrated to the public.


The SOT organise friendly competitions for its members throughout the year with the prestigious annual competitions taking place at the AGM. Shown is the winning piece at the 2019 AGM by Jean Claude Charpignon.

Wizardry in Wood

The SOT will be attending the upcoming Wizardry in Wood exhibition by the Worshipful Company of Turners in October. Shown is the Masters Competition 2018 winning entry by Maggie Wright.


The SOT have translated and republished Volume 2 and the Plates by Bergeron. More information on the book can be found here.

Summer Outing

The SOT organise an annual summer outing to either a member's workshop or a place of interest where members and their partners can socialise.


The SOT hold four meetings a year where a demonstration or presentation is given. More details can be found here.