Past Meetings

Meetings in 2013

  • 2nd February 2013Jean-Claude Charpignon Demonstration: "A 12 Point Star in a 20mm Sphere"
  • 11th May 2013Mike Bain Video presentation: "Making and Sharpening O.T. cutting tools"
  • 6th July 2013Paul Coker Presentation on Improvised Techniques
  • 26th October 2013 (AGM)Jeremy Soulsby Presentation: "The Wassail Bowl - History & Construction"

Meetings in 2014

  • 15th FebruaryStuart King has been busy on the historical front and his talk will bring us up to date on this activity. His replica of the Leonardo da Vinci lathe was put together some years ago and now has a new home at the Museum of Alternative Technology. Stuart will reflect on his experiences using it and the influence this technology had on later turning developments. He has also recently been involved in an analysis of turned wooden items found in a grave from 4000 years ago on Dartmoor and how a flint or bronze turning tool may have been used.
  • 10th MayJean-Claude Charpignon works on his own specially adapted lathes to produce his fine work and he has given us several talks on the more esoteric types of ornamental turning. His demonstration this time will be on elliptical turning which is always tricky with the ever changing tool angles. It is even more difficult when an elliptical lid has to fit an elliptical box.
  • 5th JulyDavid Wood-Heath – Engine Turning talk
  • 25th October (AGM) – The Russian A.K. Nartov is noted as being one of the pioneers of turning from the eighteenth century. Language has always been something of a barrier to our understanding of what he achived. Nick Edwards will present his work particularly related to the copying machines and other machines in the Hermitage museum, St. Petersburg and in Peter the Great's workshop. A comparison will be made with later medallion type machines.

Meetings in 2015

  • 14th Feb 2015 David Wood-Heath and Phil Bedford "Straight Line Engine demonstration" (postponed from 2014)
  • 9th May 2015 Jean Claude Charpignon demonstration turning a box inside a sphere
  • 4th July 2015 Nick Philippe “Jewellery and Watch Making and Repair”
  • 14th November 2015 Phil Bedford – Straight Line Engine Turning demonstration

Meetings in 2016

  • 13 February, talk by Stuart King, “Reflections on Bill Jones”
  • 21 May, Jean-Claude Charpignon, “Making a rose engine lathe”
  • 2 July, Bob Wade, “Using the geometric chuck”
  • 12 November, AGM, Michael Wright “Antikythera mechanism”
  • Meetings in 2017

    • 11 February, talk by Nick Edwards, “Unorthodox ornamental turning”
    • 20 May, Jean-Claude Charpignon, “Work from 2003 to date”
    • 1 July, Tony Cliffe, “Using a conventional woodturning lathe for OT”
    • 11 November, AGM, John Bourke “Milnes Lathes”

    Meetings in 2018

    • 17 February, presentation by John Bourke, “Milnes Lathes”
    • 19 May, Jean-Claude Charpignon, presentation on his latest home made rose engine
    • 7 July, Mike Bain, “A private collection of Lathes and Equipment”
    • 3 November, AGM, Nick Edwards “History of R-A Lienhard & co. – Engine Turning Machine Manufacturers”

    Meetings in 2019

    • 9 February, Bob Wade, “The SOT Cutting Frame”
    • 18 May, Tony Cliffe, Holtz tool handles with an emphasis on finishing
    • 6 July, Nick Edwards “Bank Note Production using Geometric lathe”
    • 9 November, AGM, Jean-Claude Charpignon “Spherical Slide Rest” (presentation and demonstration)